I’ve always really enjoyed driving – ride on toys when I was very little and later on a ride on electric go kart and a lawnmower when I was helping Mum and Dad by cutting the grass.

My Dad knew that I really enjoyed my time behind the wheel so he asked me if I would like to try go karting at ‘Rye House’ when I was 5 and of course I was absolutely thrilled. When I got there I could see so many Bambinos on the big track zooming past us and I was in my element! I loved the noise and the smell of the go kart engines i was absolutely hooked !! My parents bought me my first Bambino kart for Christmas and my father regularly took me to our local track in Llandow so I could practise.

I achieved my MSUK licence 2 weeks before my 6th birthday in June 2019 and I competed in my first race in Rissington a month later – I achieved 2nd place in my first ever time trial race. I knew that I wanted to gain more race experience and so we joined the last 4 rounds of the BKC Championship where we improved on every round. Alongside this competition I competed at my local track and have achieved the podium for each of my three races – 1st place, 2nd place ( narrowly beaten by my teammate Charlie) and 1st place to win the last round and the ‘Dragon Cup’ title.

We joined the Winter Cup at Whilton Mill and this was my first ‘wheel to wheel racing’ event. We were lucky enough to join the Baines team in their awning for the weekend and both my dad and I learned new skills from the team. There were more experienced drivers around who offered me driving tips and my driving skills improved – coming in 1st position on the practise day and achieving 8th starting position on the A final grid on Sunday. Overall my driving skills are improving despite an unlucky collision during the final race which cost me a good finish but that’s the fun of racing, anything can happen!

There is still lots I have to learn but I look forward to the challenge. My Dad’s mechanical skills improved as well and we both look forward to learning lots more as part of the Baines team. I absolutely love go karting and I especially love the friends I have made through karting. I’m so lucky that my whole family and school support my go karting dream.