Monday 17th February

Karts built ready for tomorrow’s testing, hopefully in the ☀️ although there may be a morning ?!? Bring On Tomorrow ?First day of winter testing in Valencia ??

Tuesday 18th

The Rain In Spain!!First day of testing in the ☀️ and it rained…. all day!!Had a good few sessions until I hit a spinner in front of me and bent my chassis, luckily our team had a jig and it’s all back square, supposed to be nice tomorrow which will be good to get a decent days resting in!!

Wednesday 19th

Today was a good day ?The ☀️ was shining and the improvements we’re good!!Listened well this morning and seen a massive improvement in my driving, some really good morning sessions seen my times improve, my new engine is flying and will be interesting to compare to my race engine which is at home in ???????, a big whack after lunch just unsettled my concentration a touch but will be back tomorrow ready for another good day!!